Heavy Traffic

Hey! That damned Warbird just cut me off! Exec, power up weapons...

This is what happens when too many fanboys are gathered together to make a space epic with no non-fanboy supervision. Or traffic control.

  • Number_Six
  • Deartháir

    Ironically, there's not a Bird of Prey in there!

    • The Professor

      What did the Romulans drive? A Warbird? I can't remember all that crap anymore…

      • Deartháir

        Actually, that wasn't intended to be a snarky nerd-critique… I meant to imply that they'd already blown it up for cutting them off… but I got distracted and clicked "Submit" before I finished my thought. Sorry 'bout that.

        • The Professor

          Eh, no worries. I figure that I'm venturing into a minefield anytime I post anything Star Wars/Star Trek related. I used the one ship name I could remember, and of course it was wrong.
          But I like the blowing up angle, I should have used that.

      • tiberiusẅisë
        • The Professor

          I'm starting to have second thoughts about posting the rest of my planned articles on fictional spacecraft. You guys are scary.
          I just like 'em because they look cool. They also give me good ideas on projector weapons to muck about with.

    • The Professor

      There, I fixed it. As far as I can tell. In trying to get the right name, I saw this romulan ship:

      <img src="; width="500" border="2" style="border:2px solid black;" alt=" " />

      labled as a Warbird and a Bird of Prey, and "D'deridex". So just what is the correct name for this thing?

  • Did anyone else open up the large version hoping to see a rogue vessel, Firefly classification in there?

    Also it brings to mind how badly the Empire would trounce the Federation.

    • TechieInHell

      I'm already regretting my decision to comment because I'm going to look like such an effing fanboi.

      The (Star Trek) Federation would easily prevail over the (Star Wars) Empire.

      Empire air support rely too much on speed and sheer numbers. Federation phasers are accurate and directional and would make quick work of unshielded TIE fighters. Empire capital ships provide heavy fire and are relatively well shielded, but all Federation craft (including air support) are shielded (unless the plot requires their shields to easily fail). Even a Federation medium cruiser (Akira, Defiant, etc) are a nice mix of agile enough to avoid the slow targeting of an ISD's blasters, and shielded enough to take the hits that do find their mark.

      I think I should stop there and do a whole post on this. 🙂

      • Deartháir

        Come now, I'm disappointed in you. Akira is a heavy cruiser, Defiant is an escort cruiser.

        • pj134

          Huh, I guess Defiant works. A bit obtuse, but it works.

          Kind of used to names like Destiny and Candy for escorts though…

      • BlackIce_GTS

        I'm going to go with 'there are more of them and they're all better' as stat-ed out by that site (which is much fun).

        It seems to me that Star Trek is simply about the inherent goodness of (mostly)humanity. Star Wars is about the struggle of good versus evil.
        I like Warhammer 40K. Which is about the (futile and meaningless) struggle of quite-evil-indeed versus ridiculously evil. Imperium of Man vs. The Empire? Now that would be a good fight.
        Maybe. The Imperium seems to sort of suck at energy weapons, comparatively. And shields.

      • texlenin

        Besides, we've all seen how badly
        Imperial troops are at aiming….
        "Gun Control is being able to HIT
        your target"

      • GlassOnion9

        Not to mention, the Empire figured out one way to destroy a planet. How many ST universe bad guys have figured out ways to destroy planets in completely different and interesting ways? Hell, the Federation does it with a modified photon torpedo (Genesis Device).

        Also, the federation has transporter technology. Beam explosive weapons right into the Empire fleet and/or their bases. Done.

      • tiberiusẅisë

        The Federation DID prevail over the Empire. As in it already happened. The Empire was a long time ago whereas the federation is in the future. One can only assume that after a series of tyrannical rulers came and went, the Empire simply imploded, broke up or somehow destroyed itself. Since there is no reference to it in Star Trek cannon, it either doesn't exist anymore or perhaps never did.

  • tiberiusẅisë

    Heavy Traffic? Meh.

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