Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Can there be a cooler project name?

“John Glenn climbing out of the cockpit of his F-8-UI Crusader jet at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field in 1957, after making the first nonstop, supersonic flight from Los Angeles to New York. The flight was called “Project Bullet” because Glenn traveled faster than a bullet. The 3-hour, 23-minute trip set a transcontinental speed record.”

Congratulations on 50 Mr. Glenn!


Image from msnbc.

  • fodder650

    The man, the myth, the living legend

  • B72

    If I did my math right, that's an average of 822 MPH. A 9mm handgun is around 750 MPH, so yes, it's faster than some bullets.

    According to Google, some high powered rifles are in the neighborhood of 2727 MPH, so not faster than all bullets.

    Still pretty cool though.