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Atomic Wonderland: Toy ICBMs


There once was a time when it was perfectly socially acceptable to let your child play with toy versions of American weapons of mass destruction. Those weapons were protecting us from the lousy Commies not entirely peace-loving Soviet peoples, some of whom weren’t all that bad, but we didn’t really like them back then, so no one minded ingraining a little bit of the old “Peace Through Superior Firepower’ mantra into the kids of the day.

I picked up this little gem on eBay–over 10 years ago, as much as it pains me to say that. Regrettably it got a chunk knocked out of the back of it, and it was missing the missiles when I got it, but it certainly is a fun little truck! It doesn’t have any brand ID marks, and while I haven’t had any luck finding a match on the internet, I did find a nice repository of other atomic missile toys to share .



Does anyone know of any current toys that refect such serious real life weapons?


Green ICBM launcher images were taken by me, the other toy  images are from

  • OA5599

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    K-94804 OIF Patriot Missile Launcher
    MSRP: $19.95 ea. KCC Member Price: $17.95

    No matter where the next conflict arises, get the troops there in a hurry by rail. K-LINE’s G Scale continues to grow with these new offerings for the US Army. Our G Scale is an affordable alternative to the other large scale manufacturers. We focus on releasing items for operation for the whole family.

  • The Rolling Thunder from the GI Joe 3 3/4 figures. Think we have two complete in our collection, Awesome rig

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  • The closest my toy experiences (at the very end of the Cold War) came was having many of the Ertl Force One replicas of fighter jets, helicopters and tanks. I didn't realize how many I have till I came across the previously-linked website today… I don't have all the versions, but I do have some version of most of the jets, some version of all the tanks and helicopters, and I also have the electronic F-15 (though its vertical stabilizers were missing the last time I saw it.)

  • Deartháir

    In the early days of the Cold War, when Nuclear Everything (even toasters?) was amazingly awesomesauce, I wouldn't have been surprised to learn that those actually shipped with little tiny nuclear-tipped missiles with real working warheads. "Blow up your neighbours! Hours of fun!"

  • Anonymous

    Damned, i want this shit!