A Boys’ Life Spent on the Phone

Have you ever noticed in magazines (or used to notice back when there were magazines) when you come across something that looks like a story, but then when you start reading it, you think to yourself, why does this sound like they are trying to sell me something? Then you glance up or down to see in tiny print the word “Advertisement.”

Today’s lazy Sunday look at an ad from an old Boys’ Life blurs the line between content and advertisement in much the same way, but the disclaimer rules must have been a bit looser back in 1960, for there is no fine print to be seen. This wholesome looking cartoon about an intrepid college reporter is masking a sinister message about how wonderful Bell Telephone is.

I love Bell Telephone. I want to buy a Bell Telephone, and call someone using Bell long distance. Then watch some European television. Wow.

  • fodder650

    Well golly gee I hope the Military gets to use some of this high tech phone equipment from Bell to. Hey Billy check out this tech from Bell

    <img src="; />

    • texlenin

      "hey, Crapgame! I gotta carry this satchel
      charge and this ammo and the .30 caliber,

  • tonyola

    In the same spirit, here's a 1960 adver-comic from Chrysler. Bill wins no points for sartorial coolness and he apparently hasn't discovered girls yet. Perhaps Mr. Otis, the very friendly Chrysler rep, has other ideas for Bill…
    <img src="; width=300>

  • discontinuuity

    IIRC, that weird-shaped antenna was used to accidentally discover the universal background radiation leftover from the big bang.

    • texlenin

      Which Bell wanted to get rid of…creation
      of the universe causing noise on the lines
      and all that. How inconsiderate.

  • GlassOnion9

    Speaking of more-or-less concealed advertising, how did you feel about the Clint Eastwood Dodge ad played during that thing where the guys hit each other and run around on the field last night?

  • OA5599

    Why would anybody want to watch live TV from Europe? Monty Python and Benny Hill haven't produced new episodes in decades (and didn't air live when they were in production), and Real Americans don't watch soccer or Royal Weddings.