Startup: The Secret History of Star Wars


This is not a book review. In fact, this is not a book that is supposed to exist. A few years ago, Michael Kaminski, having just watched Episode III in theaters for the first time, decided to write as essay around the Star Wars history, how George Lucas accidentally created a hit franchise and years later made prequels that were never supposed to exist when he first wrote it. Much like Star Wars was too big for one movie, Michael’s essay was too big for an essay and became a book – a book that couldn’t exist, because so much of the source material was copyrighted. So he invested his own time, wrote it anyway, and gave it away for free on the Internet in PDF format. This was before the iPad and the Kindle. 500 pages of PDF wasn’t something you just pick up and conveniently read in your easy chair or bed, so it sat on my hard drive – forgotten – for a few years until I discovered it again the other day and loaded it onto my iPad. I was going to share a link with you, but it turns out that while the world was creating ways to make 500+ page PDFs easily consumable, Legacy Press got their lawyers on the copyright thing and made it available in Dead Tree format. The irony alone made it worth sharing.

You can still check out the first 100 pages for free (edited, I noticed, to no longer include the stuff about how it was just supposed to be an essay and copyright fears made him provide it gratis) at

  • ptschett

    Would I incur the wrath of our copyright overlords to mention that a 533-page PDF can be found amidst the Google results?

    • TechieInHell

      Nah, that's Google's problem.

    • Mr_Biggles

      Saves having Techie email it to us.