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Startup: It’s Like A Series of Tubes

In an effort to keep milking this Mayan thing as long as possible, I present to you this picture of some tubes. One of the reasons that things like Mayan prophecy get so much play is that so much of their civilization and history has been lost to time. We like to think that in our modern age, the particulars of our society could not be forgotten. Go open your junk drawer or get that dusty old box out of the garage and have fun trying to identify every artifact you find in there. Betcha can’t. In another two thousand years, when alien historians land on Earth and find logo-laden slurpee cups, tupperware containers full of assorted screws, and something like the above pictured device, what outlandish theories might they come up with as to their origin or specific purpose? Any guesses as to what this particular gizmo is?