Startup: Rescued from the Ashes

Back in Web 1.0, we didn’t have all these social fluff sites to occupy our time. No-sir-ee, all we had was academia, awkward attempts at brands to leverage this web thing, and true original humor sites. One of my old favorites was The Brunching Shuttlecocks, and their offshoot: Bandwidth Theater. Before broadband, when most people had dial-up, this was Flash as it was meant to be – not annoying menus, ads, or just a shell to play movies. Real animations, rendered by your computer. Because of that, shorts like this could be kept to under 500K. Bite sized entertainment, ready for the masses.

Brunching and Bandwidth Theater are gone now, but I managed to rescue a few gems like this from oblivion. No infringement intended.Lore Sjöberg, if you’re reading this, and it makes you angry, please let us know politely. (And let me know if there’s somewhere legitimate that we can still find this content.)

  • skitter

    Despite the ubiquity of storage and internet access, there's still no sense of permanence. We're dependent on the admins of the sites we visit to preserve their content for future reference and generations, but they could put it all down the memory holes even quicker than they posted it.

  • A few items from Bandwidth Theatre are available here:

    but alas, not "Wedding Vows to Avoid." Still, "Predictions" is a hoot.

    • Hey, Everybody, let's stamp on the ground!

    • TechieInHell

      I've got "vows" here, but I'm not sure if that would be cool to post. It was a wedding tribute to some friends of his a decade ago. Meh, maybe I'll make these things a weekly feature and put it up anyway.

      • As I recall, Lore didn't mention their full names and he left it up on his own site for several years, so unless he wants you to stop entirely it doesn't strike me as requiring special consideration. Besides, it's damn funny.

  • pj134

    When I realized "The End of the World" was on YouTube I was kind of surprised and delighted in its preservation. But then kind of depressed that it didn't have menus anymore.