Did You Feel That?

Merry Christmas from the Sun!

Good morning, everyone.

The Sun has been pretty active this year, having produced several CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) already. Four days ago solar activity picked up, with filaments erupting in the north and south hemispheres, and lots of sunspots cruising around, just looking for trouble. The next day, two CMEs erupted (spewed? were flung out? Ptoo?) and were headed for Earth and Mars, one scheduled (scheduled? Who schedules this stuff?) to hit us on the 28th. Since this is the 29th and I’m not dead yet [checking…ampmeter says ok], I figure the rest of you aren’t either.

I didn’t notice anything, mostly because I was either asleep or I forgot to look. I did remember today, and after a vigorous search I found a couple of videos of the event.

So, did any of you notice anything? Any large auroras? Large space lightning strikes? Small ones? Anything at all?

Image courtesy of Discovery News

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image




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