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User Input: The Boring Version of a Hangover

Talk about catering to a niche market...

Whether you love Hallowe’en, or wish the whole damn thing would just go away, there’s no doubt it can be one hell of a messy holiday. Somehow it’s reached the point where people actually go out of their way to heavily decorate their yards, only to have to un-do the whole thing and start over for Christmas decorating.

And, of course, depending on the neighbourhood, there’s also the possibility of toilet papering, egging or smashed Jack O’Lanterns all over your yard. But this isn’t always a bad thing. We have the advantage of decades of technological advancement to help us deal with this dilemma, and there are a ton of cool gadgets out there to solve any problem we might have. From leaf-blowers to huge brush attachments that fit on the front of a snow-blower, to shop-vac attachments for ride-on lawn mowers, there is a lot of cool stuff to help get the yard back in shape.

What’s the greatest post-Hallowe’en-clean-up gadget out there?

  • The Professor

    My favourite clean-up gadgets are my grown up, adult, still-living-at-home, layabout sons. They piss and moan a lot when required to do more than shovel food into their maws, but they actually do fairly good work. Eventually.

  • On a twist to the good Professor's comment, and since I don't have kids of my own, I prefer a BMG and the neighborhood kids. Who's going to tell me to stop pressing their kid into slave labor when I've got the biggest gun on the block?

    • pj134

      Bowel Movement Gun?

  • My office mates are great at getting rid of excess candy.

  • P161911

    Smashed pumpkins, eggs, toilet paper, and dropped candy wrappers….sounds like lunch for this guy:
    <img src=""width=500&gt;

    • You beat me to it. The cows and jackasses are getting all the leftover pumpkins. They go nuts over them.

    • pj134

      At a previous employer's dealership's detail department there were more than a few of these guys from a farm nearby. They would grab license plates and detail forms and, if I recall correctly, a set of keys or two. The llama always came with them and would freak me the hell out when it just popped up, staring at me, in the middle of the street while I was driving.

  • tiberiusẅisë

    My vote for any outside clean up is a landscaper grade leaf blower. From car interiors to the outdoor firepit, blow it out and up to the curb. The town takes it from there.

  • Alff

    My son and I were just lamenting the loss of the greatest post-Halloween gadget we've had – the 17' trebuchet we built in the backyard a few years ago. While we had it, we could count on the neighbors to deposit their spent pumpkins in the driveway in the days following Halloween. We'd invite a bunch of kids over for an afternoon spent pitching them into the pond and the woods beyond. Unfortunately, we grew tired of having a battleship grey behemouth cluttering up the yard and I burnt it in the fire pit.