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Stakeout, Stasi-style

Mercedes-Benz W123 diesel

Monday. A serious-looking man in a hat, sitting in a brown Mercedes-Benz four-door saloon. Dirty street, after lunchtime. “Knock knock”, the sound of leather glove clad knuckles on a window. Just like every time when it had been Günther’s turn to go get some coffee. Hans wound the window down.

“Yes”, he replied, “zwei stücke Zucker, ohne Milch, just like every time.”
“Nein, Hans, I have got to tell you something.”
“Was? Was ist los?”
“I don’t know what is los, but I have found out something disturbing.”

”You know how this particular stakeout has been uncharacteristically long?”
“Yes, reminds me of the time in Hungary, when we thought it would never end.”
“Yes, exactly. How long have been sitting here?”
“No idea, it feels like ages.”
“My gut feeling..”
“I am not feeling gut at all-”
“No, I have a feeling we have been left behind. After doing some research of my own, it seems like we might be out of a job.”
“Was? You mean we have been fired?”
“No. The entire Stasi is out of a job. There is no longer East or West left. Germany is united. Over 20 years ago.”
“Why haven’t we been notified?! That lazy secretary Hildegard, her brain is like Emmentaler.”
“You know, I was wondering why I was starting to run out of notebook paper…”

I found this extremely brown, early-Eighties Mercedes-Benz W123 parked on a street in my town. It seems to be a regular, run-of-the-mill 200D version with no other distinguishing features than chrome wheelarch trim; not necessarily to hide rust, but to bring up the otherwise dowdy appearance a bit. It seems to be very well kept, since it actually has seat covers over seat covers. Somebody is planning to be using it for a long, long time.

[Please welcome Antti Kautonen from Hooniverse, who wanted to join in on Spy vs. Spy Week!]

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