Weekend Entertainment

Oregon Trail – The Movie

Just in time for your weekend, we bring to you…

…the Oregon Trail, a live action movie based on the worlds greatest 8-bit game.

Choose your supplies wisely, lest you end up like old Poop Face.

Poop face.




(hat tip to Matt Adair of team Petty Cash for the tip)

  • The Professor

    I'll take my chances on a ship to San Fransisco, thanks anyway.

  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    Awesome! But I did learn one thing from this game, that I really really suck at shooting in video games. But here's a good question, take away TOT, what was the best 8-but video game of all time? For me was War Room a game for the ColecoVision that presented you with a map of the USA and the USSR had just launched nuclear ICBMs, now your turn. There were also things like sypathizers (draw ans hammer and sickles) stealing grain in IOWA and what not and you had to eradicate them as well. Second place goes to M.U.LE. on my friend's C64 just because it was so much fun with two players.

  • Alff

    This movie was so boring, it made me wish I'd died of dysentery.

    • Semi-related: In icon size, your avatar always reminds me of a waaay cool Indian in a headdress…

      Then when you mouse-over it magically transforms into something even cooler.

      • Alff