Startup: Predicting The Past

Back before you were all blessed with things like Atomic Toasters to feed you a steady diet of fluff and chicanery, science magazines would invent a startling picture of the future for our wonder and amazement. Unlike real thinkers and visionaries, many of these articles didn’t paint a picture of how the world would evolve with the advent of technology. Instead, they described a world of advanced technology still stuck in 1950’s paradigms. Above is a classic example of this with a vision of what computer crimes would look like in modern day Pleasantville. Notice the wall-sized home computer terminal, the data cassette for mobile storage, the rock star getting his hair done with a portable dryer hood. More amusing is the editorial itself, indicating that a “secret code” (read: password) provides a nearly impenetrable barrier to unauthorized access and that computer related fraud would actually decline over time.

  • OA5599

    Early password "fishing".
    [youtube W50L4UPfWsg youtube]

  • Froggmann_

    …And everyone wears cool "Members Only" jackets, even when they are doing their hair.

    • The Professor

      Unless they're all wearing matching unitards. Just to be inconspicuous.

  • Mr_Biggles

    So did the computer-fraud squad sneak up on the computer criminal in that silent helicopter we see through the door, or had the computer criminal purchased it using some of his ill-gotten gains?

    And what about the other guy on his way through the door? A plain clothes member of the computer-fraud squad, or just one of the mod-squad?

  • Number_Six

    Fifties sci-fi missed one important development: nobody in the future, except Charles, is thin.