Ringtones FROM SPACE!

In a space age clash of timelines, NASA has released .MP3 and M4R formats of many files from their audio archives for use as cellphone ringtones or however else humanity can use them. So, what can you get? Audio from the Apollo and Gemini missions including the famous, “The Eagle has landed” and small step speech. If those are too…nice…then you can get Jim Lovell saying, “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” You can grab audio from the space shuttle program, as well as other NASA programs. Or, if you’re a commie pinko, you can get the beeps from Sputnik.

Head over to NASA’s Sounds site and make your phone a geek-centric piece of history!

[Image Credit: NASA]

  • The Professor

    The NASA stuff sounds interesting in theory, but to me and my tinnitus, it would probably blend into the background.
    I figure that when I'm finally forced to purchase one those toy phones that you young people like so much, I want a ringtone of James Brown going "Hey!". I might even be able to hear that.

    • My coworker would probably like it if I selected ringtones that blend into the background.

      • tonyola

        I knew a guy who had Sam Kinison screams for a ringtone. Most annoying. I understand his bosses told him to either change the tone or use vibrate-only in the office.

  • BlackIce_GTS

    Nifty. I already had one of the Saturns (I forget where I got it), but KIC7671081B sounds awesome too.

    Is there no shutdown today? I need somewhere to complain about Terra Nova.

  • Number_Six

    Somewhere in the NASA logs there has to be a recording of someone saying, "I wonder what this button does…" That's the only ringtone I would ever download.

  • Mike_the_Dog

    My old phone had a tone of me belching. It was almost as effective at cutting through background noise as the now ubiquitous "Nostalgia" tone (old-school mechanical bell telephone ring). Since everybody seems to have Nostalgia these days, maybe I need to record another belch. I doubt the NASA MP3 files would be sufficiently distinguishable from background noise for me to hear.