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User Input: Help a Brotha Out

Sometimes you just need a sick day.

I’m at home sick. Apparently I ate something that didn’t agree with me, because I’ve been immobilized for two days now, unable to venture too far away from the bathroom

So, as a result, I’m stuck at home, looking for ways to entertain myself. If I had known about this illness in advance, I would have set up the PS3 I stole liberated borrowed from Techie, and tried playing some video games. It is worth pointing out that I’m absolutely terrible at video games, so that likely wouldn’t last long. And then I’d be right back to where I am now. Bored, tired, hurting, and desperately looking for ways to kill some time while my body… you know, fixes this mess it’s gotten itself into.

So help me out here! What are some great ways to kill hours of time while I’m largely unable to move? And what are your sick-day stay-home activities when it’s time to take a day for yourself?

[Image source: Snacking Squirrel]

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