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Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! My bubbles!

My uncle is a retired school teacher who I believe is spending his retirement trying to mess with the public.  He has built a trebuchet, a potato gun and recently has figured out how to create the largest bubbles anywhere.

When I arrived four timezones away from home, jet-lagged, tired and confused, he greeted me in the traditional Nova Scotia tradition: handing me a beer.  There was no small talk of “how was the flight/sleep/family” but instead said, ” you have to see this” and proceeded to create huge bubbles.  I figured I was hallucinating or drunk which was almost confirmed when he told me what he used to create the bubbles.  I’m not going to give away his recipe, but two main ingredients are K-Y Jelly and something called J-lube.  I’m not going to link those since this is supposed to be a family friendly website… but go look them up yourself.

The results speak for themselves in the above picture.  The creepy part was the kids that showed up to play with the bubbles and spent most of the time trying to run into the bubbles to have them pop on themselves.  Go look up the ingredients and re-read that last sentence.  Yuck.

  • Charles_Barrett

    Hmm — So giant bubbles will be an easy thematic addition and conversation piece at my next big fisting soirée… And all the ingredients are conveniently at hand…!

    • dmilligan


    • Deartháir

      On second thought, I'm not staying at your place on my Great Cross-Continent Road Trip.

  • dmilligan

    Pretty, but messy. Perfect for kids, they'll be pre-soaped when they come in for a bath.

  • tonyola

    [youtube 75sGyYX-KJA&feature=related youtube]

    • dmilligan

      That was a dirty trick. I could have gone the rest of my life without hearing that again. I'll remember this…

      • tonyola

        Would you rather read more about fisting?

        • dmilligan

          Point taken.

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