User Input

User Input: Profiteering for Fun and, um, Profit

I didn’t realize until OA5599 pointed out in yesterday’s comments that the Apollo astronauts were such fans of the Corvette. Or at least, Chevrolet invested in making sure it looked like that. And why not? What’s the point of being famous if you don’t leverage the fruits of sponsorship deals? Granted, it may have gotten out of control. I’m waiting for some bath product company to declare the official soap of the Lenchestershire Grammar School U-14 Girl’s Cricket Team. In the above picture, Fiat is obviously positioning themselves as the official sponsor of sexual harassment litigation. The vandals graffiti artists suggest they may also be the sponsor of women’s empowerment, so way-to-go Fiat on scoring both ends of that twinkie. But with all this money flying around, there still seem to be missed opportunities. Over on Hooniverse, it was suggested that Tim Allen should have passed on Chevy to be the spokesman for Infinity (and beyond – har, har, har). Next we’ll have BP sponsoring the Louisiana State Fair Oyster Eating Contest.

What other golden opportunities for tie-ins have the marketing gurus missed?

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Editors note: Yes, the whole premise of the question is pretty weak sauce, but I’ve been itching to find some way to use that picture for a while now.