User Input

User Input: And Who Are You Lot?

I may suggest to the staff that we change the name of this website to Atomic Treehouse. It’s like a club for overgrown kids, and I mean that in the best possible way. It’s like I have a bunch of new friends that I don’t actually know and who pretend to like me, or at least put up with me enough to convince me of that – much like real life. So, now that we’re such good friends, I’m not sure what I should call you. At the bottom of these daily questions, I refer to you as “the teeming millions” which I shamelessly stole from Cecil Adams. The other day, it was “The Atomic Tostalitarian Brain Trust™”. Just yesterday, Deartháir referred to you as “Great Propellor-Headed Thinking Brain Thing™”. I’m not sure either of those are worth actually trademarking. I think then, we should take this problem to you, the Liquor Powered Neural Insanity Generator™.

What should we call you lot?

[“User Input” is the AtomicToasters Question of the Day™ asking you,
the teeming millions, to answer our pressing questions.]

  • McQueen

    It really doesn't bother me what you call us , just don't call me late for dinner or free booze .

  • OA5599

    Burnt crumbs.

    • dwegmull

      End thus ends the search for our name. Thank you.

      • OA5599

        [youtube 0osXJtr03xA youtube]

        • What in the hell did I just watch?

          • coupeZ600

            Whatever it was,…. I like.

          • OA5599


            There was only one live-action Dr. Seuss film during his lifetime (Grinch and Cat in the Hat were made after his death). This is a scene from it: The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T. It is about a crazed piano instructor who opens a music institute where 500 boys (and their 5000 fingers) play a giant double-decker piano.

            I was looking for the dungeon "it's atomic" clip, but I couldn't find that one as conveniently packaged on ewe tube. The clip I posted is from near the end of the movie, so I suppose I should have posted a spoiler alert, but I presumed pretty much everybody here would have already seen this cult classic.

            Detailed synopsis here:

            Note that Seuss not only wrote the story, he also wrote the songs and designed the sets.

          • I went and watched part 1, and it was pretty cool. Sadly, parts 2-4 are blocked (good on ya Sony) so I may never see the whole thing. (looking elsewhere)

            Can't believe I made it all these years without seeing that movie. Then again, i was usually outside getting in trouble when we had TV.

          • RahRahRecords

            It is avalaible on dvd and I'm sure it's out there on a torrent somewhere. It's worth watching the whole thing at least once just for the dungeon scene.

    • Alff

      How demeaning. I prefer to think of us as The Upper Crust

      • BAH! A bunch of heels!

        • Alff

          …he said ryely.

      • tiberiusẅisë

        Who are clearly half-baked.

  • McQueen

    Were the Rasins in the loaf , it would be just regular old bread without us

  • dmilligan

    "The Too Much Time on their Hands Trust"

    • Alff

      Are you implying we're a bunch of loafers?

      • dmilligan

        I don't any of us has enough dough for that to be true.

  • Pop-tarts.


  • Charles_Barrett

    Well, taken in the context of this blogging medium, I think we are all clearly Post Toasties

    However, we're about 103 years too late to trademark that…

    • FuzzyPlushroom

      I came here to say this, Charles. I. Blame. You.

    • Charles_Barrett

      …So maybe we are all Toasty Posters

  • aastrovan

    "The League of Atomic Quibblers"

  • Froggmann_

    We are those of broken mind but unbroken thought.