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Startup: Two Wrongs Can Make A Right

Everything tastes better when it comes from a Mason jar.

Okay fine, this isn’t really a technology article, but it’s an entertaining bit of problem solving that made me laugh. A few months ago, CaffeineFuelled bought herself a nice bottle of wine from a winery she was already quite fond of. She was quite looking forward to it, and carefully saved it for a special occasion, storing it at the right temperature, keeping it in a nice safe place, and so on. When the appropriate occasion rolled around, with quite a bit of excitement, she opened the bottle and poured herself a glass. After one sip, she pronounced it “vile”, and corked it back up again.

Shortly thereafter she discovered that a large bag of frozen fruit she had left in the freezer had become freezer-burnt, and was therefore unusable. She pulled it out to throw away, and that was where matters sat when I left it.

When next I opened her fridge, I discovered that she had effectively killed two birds with one stone; the frozen fruit, whose frost had melted off, had been deposited in a large pitcher, which was then filled with the remaining vile-wine that she had deemed undrinkable. She let the concoction sit for a couple of days, and then on our first sunny day of the year, she put a small amount of raw sugar in a wine glass and poured some for each of us. It was, as it turned out, quite delicious.

I learned later that this is called sangria (although it’s usually made with red wine, not white), and is actually quite a popular drink, but I’m not sure it normally arises out of such a circumstance. Still, it did make for an excellent breakfast.

What’s your best “two wrongs” problem-solving story?

  • dmilligan

    "Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do" is the best I can come up with this early.

  • Alff

    We'll see…

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    Although I don't agree, a lot of people think WikiLeaks is an example of two wrongs making a right.

  • acarr260

    I had some leftover white wine that wasn't very good the first time around sitting in my fridge. Into a glass I placed a couple of ice cubes, some grape/peach juice, some of the leftover wine, and a shot of vodka. It tasted so good that my girlfriend absconded with my glass and I had to make another. I now make that drink almost anytime that I have leftover white wine.

  • highmileage_v1

    I was on a layover in Edinburgh and stayed at my cousins place. After dinner (and a few glasses of wine and scotch) his wife brought out a bottle of clear liquid which she poured into glasses, then added frozen strawberries and sugar. I awoke the next morning with a five star hangover. Apparently the clear liquid was a type of hooch (it had some sort of Gaelic name) from her home town in Ireland. Vicious stuff, worse than Norwegian moonshine and it burned with a nice, clear, blue flame. It must have been made from old potatoes.

    • Deartháir

      Yup, that sounds like Poitín. I've never seen it served with strawberries, but it was frequently served with sugar, much like true Absynthe used to be; you'd mix in a bit of sugar, and then set the glass on fire, which would burn off the excess alcohol; when the fire burned out, you'd drop in a few ice cubes then drink away.

      Interesting side effect of Poitín: If you drink too much, you'll have a five-alarm hangover, and you wake up with a deadly thirst. If you then drink too much water, it re-activates the alcohol, and you'll find yourself almost as shittered as you were the night before.

    • Manic_King

      In Norway they have moonshine making still going on strong, even flavorings are available so you can change the taste of your home made drink from harsh to cognac, why, of course you can: http://storms.no/pages/essenser_ekstrakter.htm

      Not a surprise really when one of the richest countries in the world has decided to tax everything so heavily that pint in the pub can be 15 USD….. Or 70 cl vodka bottle at state owned alcohol shop (only shop there is, monopoly) @ 35 USD….

      Then again, when Norwegians travel abroad everything seems probably dirt cheap and they can drink as much as they can without counting money. And they import a lot privately when travelling to Denmark or Sweden (which also has monopoly and relatively high prices thanks to taxes).

  • I got drank way too much one night and took a girl home on a one night stand. 16 years with her, married, a mortgage and two kids later all is right.

    Two wrongs, lots of right.

  • Manic_King

    Really nasty white wine can be mixed with little of sprite or 7up to make it borderline drinkable. Red wine and coke of course is summertime classic.

    Those cherries on the photo above…..we had German shepherd like mutt when I was a child. One morning I found dog outside of house sitting with crossed front paws and looking cross eyed and dizzy. Adults got there and noticed that dog smelled of alcohol.

    Turned out that neighbor had made kind of cherry liqueur by keeping fruits in spirit, then took them out and placed the berries open compost heap where dog had found them and decided to eat some.
    As dog was't able to walk on it's own we used wheel barrow to transport him to small river we had next to our house where he spent next 2 days slowly drinking water and getting rid of drunkenness and hang over.
    After that episode he started to hate drunk humans.