Startup: Stumped!

It's gorgeous, whatever it is.

This photo was posted by the incomparable Jonny Lang yesterday, with the simple question: Name That Amp.

As CardboardTube is our resident expert on all things musical — at least where it pertains to guitars — I sent the photo to him for identification, thinking that he’d be able to immediately name the obscure beast against which the Danelectro is leaning. He was just as stumped as I was, and through a fair bit of consultation with the Googles, neither of us was able to come up with an answer.

Now I know we have a few musicians in our midst, and I’m hoping that some of you might be familiar; failing that, I know we also have quite a few internet ninjas amongst us, so let’s see how good your Google-Fu can be. I’m admitting defeat, as are the 78,000 fans on his Facebook page, so perhaps our intrepid crew of geeks can one-up the rest and come up with an answer.

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