Startup: How Fantastically Meta

Back to basics...

I’ll be honest here; I had no idea about what to write today for Startup. I played on some random websites, looking for inspiration, and nothing really reached out at me. There’s a ton of stuff in the news about the space shuttle, all of which is very cool, but let’s face it, engineerd is far more suited to write about that than I.

Then I stumbled across this photo in my iPhoto  library. My parents had a toaster like this when I was growing up, and it never… quite… worked the way we wanted it to. That’s not to say it didn’t toast bread, but it was such a hit-or-miss process, I could never help but wonder why on earth they insisted on keeping it. Now that I’m older, I think I understand. There’s a certain charm to old appliances, or old technology, or old gadgets like this. Perhaps they don’t work quite as well, perhaps they’re not as reliable, and perhaps they’re not as convenient. But at the same time, if they still work, perhaps they’re also worth that little extra effort.

Funny, that’s almost exactly how AtomicToasters was started in the first place.

It’s the circle of life, right there. I expect Elton John to burst in here singing at any moment.

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