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* Paintball Weapons May Not Be Exactly As Shown

I would hope that everyone has seen or heard what Paintball is. Grown men or women in some cases, running through the woods shooting each other with markers that are operated on different inert gases pushing a .68 caliber gelatin ball at 285 feet per second. Some of us who play paintball prefer to play Mil-Sim style. Mil-Sim, or Military Simulation, in Paintball is a very popular segment of the sport and big part of the simulation portion is having weapons similar to those on the battlefield.

lilwillie’s Paintball RPG

This RPG is made partially from PVC pipe and shoots small Nerf Rockets at around 250 fps for a range up to 150 yards. The idea isn’t a new one. Potato guns made out of PVC are as old as I can remember. This take on it though is much safer compared to squirting some hairspray or starting fluid into a chamber and lighting a match. Most of the materials are easily bought at any local hardware store. The only odd parts would be the fitting for a large CO2 or Compressed Air tank to attach to the base. In our case a small 12 gram CO2 is used. All of which could be bought at any Paintball Shop or sometimes even your local big box stores selling Paintball Gear. The rules for the game with the RPG are simple enough. You take your shot at either a Tank or a Bunker and a referee will determine your level of destruction or if you even hit your target properly. Some players go as far to make rockets that have a paint or dust applied to the tip so there is no need for a referee. More authentic looking PCV RPG’s can be found all over the paintball world on the internet. Ours is very KISS since we seem to abuse our toys a little more than most players. [youtube][/youtube] No, it doesn’t hurt when you are hit by the rocket. Ask the poor kid I shot

in the back.

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