User Input

User Input: The Journey

When the only tool you have is a hammer, ever problem begins to resemble a nail. -- Abraham Maslow

This probably goes without saying, but in case you’re new or not paying attention: I am a huge dork. I bring this up now because I just bought a new vacuum cleaner, and realized I was unreasonably excited about it. I used to vacuum about once a month, whether it needed it or not. Now I find myself dragging it out two or three times a week. I think that’s somewhat unprecedented for a bachelor geek with a video gaming problem.

Having the right tool for the job can make the difference between a twenty minute fix-up or a weekend ordeal. When I was a kid my stepfather accidentally locked the keys in a rental car. A colleague showed him how to make a slim-jim out of a coat hanger and had the doors open in under five minutes. He managed to lock the keys in the car about three more times that weekend and to this day I’m convinced he did it on purpose just to show off his new found skill. Sometimes having the right tool for the job suddenly becomes about the tool instead of the job and you find yourself finding excuses to use it.

What’s your go-to gadget that makes you take on tasks that might otherwise be unimportant, just for the excuse to the use the tool to get it done?

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