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User Input: Buy Time

Today is my birthday. No, don’t go there… it’s a useless birthday year. There’s no reason to celebrate anything. I’m getting older, balder and more single as the day goes on, so shut-it. The fun part is that my family just gives up on buying me a present and just gives me money which allows me to pool theirs’ and mine and go get one great gift for me. However, there is a problem. I am a geek and as a geek I have too many hobbies. So I put together a list as to what I could buy for my gift. The list consisted of: wakeboard equipment, a new guitar amp, a flash for my camera, a new microphone, parts for my jeep, parts for my boat, computer stuff and the list goes on. None of these are need, they are wants. They are a purchase just because I can, but I only can afford one.

How do you decide what your next large geek purchase will be?

  • dmilligan

    On purchases like that I go for what is going to be the most fun for my money, usually. Then there are times when I really covet something that is totally useless but really cool (to me), and those are hard. Or you can fall back on 'rock, paper, scissors' if you just can't decide.

  • Happy Birthday regardless.

    My geek purchase depends on what the Lego group has coming out. I'm really looking at this right now…

  • I hear ya. Unfortunately, my money tends to go into tools or paint for Project House Hell. This, while not always fun (I do love my Dewalt compound miter saw with laser, though) it keeps me from having to really decide.

    This year it was a little different. The radio in my Jeep is the stock unit with a tape deck. I don't own any tapes. So, my birthday present from my wife (I informed her of this after I ordered it) was a new head unit with iPod control and a Bluetooth goozmachi so I don't have to wear my Locutus of Borg ear thingamabobber.

    • OA5599

      You could get a huge stack of old cassette tapes for the cost of a head unit. It's going to all be oldies artists, but you don't strike me as someone who downloads the latest Ke$ha track as soon as it hits iToons

  • Alff

    As a man of modest means and many mouths to feed, such choices seem to be made for me. When I have some latitude, first priority tends to be those things that provide entertainment and can justifiably be considered a deductible expense for my wife's home-based floral business. Currently topping the list is a 1966 Austin A-35 Panel Van. While the renovation process would be a hobbyist pursuit for me, the result would be a practical(?) delivery vehicle and marketing tool.

    Knowing how things go, though, the next big check the flower company writes will probably go to an iPad for her.

    • OA5599

      As a marketing tool, I think the Austin is a great idea. As a practical delivery vehicle? I'd hate to be the guy whose wife doesn't get the anniversary flowers because the van broke down on the way over, or whose grandma's funeral gets an arrangement that emits the aroma of burnt wiring.

      • Alff

        After the first half dozen or so breakdowns, I'm confident it could be made reliable.

  • P161911

    Whichever one my ADD mind finds most interesting at the moment. Depends on if anything is on sale or there is a good buy on ebay. Is anything I really want likely to go out of production/print (books, Lego sets, etc.) or up in price real soon (some gun things)?
    Or can I buy something my wife wants, but probably won't use, that I would really like and use (Kindle, K-cup coffee maker, iPod, etc.)? The last one is the best option: "Honey look what I bought you!" I find it a couple of weeks later and "borrow" it.
    Although most of my spare cash, including the ebay/paypal slush fund, will be going towards gear and accouterments for the young spawn that will be arriving shortly. I am hoping to put aside a few buck for a Father's day present for myself, maybe some gun parts or a new PS3 or XBOX game.

  • chrystlubitshi

    well… i am not a celebrator of birthdays myself. so i'll give you the best bar-song i've been given on a birth-day.

    "happy birthday F*^k you
    F*%kin' birthday EFF you
    F*ck you Ba*tard, mother-F*cker
    EFF you dumb*ass, EFF you."

  • Number_Six

    It's my b-day tomorrow, hence the end of the world. I frankly did not want to get older. Anyhow, I just bought a new laptop because my current one is over five years old and showing its age. Otherwise my formula for deciding on new gadgets is based on a complex web of mood, alcohol intake, and credit card sapce.

    • Happy Birthday, harbinger of doom! 🙂

      • Number_Six

        Thanks, but there was a distinct dearth of doom! I guess that's because Dearthair was out of town for the weekend…

        • Deartháir

          Banff had an appropriately large quantity of doom, if it's any consolation!

  • Well, since nobody else has said it I will.

    Hookers and blow.

    There you go. Sure, the money won't last long but think of all the memories!

  • tonyola

    If you're feeling down about it, go for the fun choice. Screw practicality.

  • SSurfer321

    I always look at the ROI.

    New rock climbing gear? Only used sporadically
    New wakeboard gear? Summer months only
    New snowboard gear? I live in KY and the nearest snow is 4hrs away
    New iPod? Use it every day at the office/commute

    But I always make sure it's a toy and nothing practical