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User Input: Bacon Salvation

Come all ye faithful ...

If you’ve reached the age where you can understand a single thing that engineerd™ goes on about, then you’re probably an adult. A dorky adult, like us all. And that also means it’s likely that you’ve lived long enough to have a situation where the dung hit the case mount fan. When the going gets tough, you need some help – a tool, perhaps? Something to save your porcine hindquarters from the clusterfark heading your direction.

If I stop to think about it, my choice should be illuminating – a good flashlight. I must’ve done some horrible thing to dark, hard to reach nooks in a garage in a past life, because my karmic fate is to perpetually chase tiny screws or springs as they fly away from my workplace into the single least likely and most difficult to find crevasse available. It’s my lot in life. Whether it’s my trusty triple D-cell Maglight or the $2 LED Harbor Freight number (which is ironically 14X as bright as the Maglight), I can count on it helping cut the work-stopping search for a single minute screw from several dozen hours to a more manageable 2 or 3.

There’s got to be something that continually saves your bacon … so what’s your salvation?

  • skitter

    I put my cargo pockets to good use, but out of all their contents, a pen is the most critical. I feel completely naked and struggle to function without one.

  • acarr260

    The 50 cal guns mounted in the back of my fleet of Hilux pickups help my minions keep the peasants from ruining my day.

  • tiberiusẅisë

    I've been known to do my best work with these:

    <img src="; width="500">

    image courtesy of pencilsnmore

  • P161911

    Pickup tool, the kind with the little grabber fingers on the end. I am always dropping that nut or bolt and rarely do I hear it fall out from under the car.
    <img src=""width=500&gt;

    • Alff

      That, and the telescoping magnetic retriever.

  • dwegmull

    The Internet, well really Google and Wikipedia. They know everything I know, everything I used to know but have forgotten and everything I have yet to learn.

  • This is part of my daily carry. You may not notice it, but there is a pen in it. Always having a flashlight mith me is a huge help and the proper files on the flash drive can help make you a god among nerds. (BTW, I would love to here more about what others here carry at all times.)
    <img src=""&gt;
    Image courtesy of which is where I bought mine.

    • chrystlubitshi

      i carry a 16gb flash drive with me on my keyring. it has a linux quickboot and VPN access info to all of my home network storage.

      also carry a few pens and… stuff… that's too private. thanks.

    • coupeZ600

      On my belt are a 2AA LED Mini Mag-Lite, a Leatherman Wave, and my Cell-Phone, and I use them all, everyday. Because I work a lot at night I also carry a 3 D-cell LED Mag-Lite in my backpack, and a single AAA Solitaire in my right front pocket (w/ a whole bunch of other stuff) as the final back-up. Working in the Dark really sucks without a flash-light…… Or a Leatherman, or a Cell-Phone….

      • Yeah, I hear you. I carry a four D Maglite, with a 2 D cell LED Brinkmann backup and a couple of other, cheaper flashlights as well, when I'm deep underground. I have my old Case lockblade on my belt in its holder, and of course my cellphone. The most eclectic thing I carry everyday is my 1880 Morgan silver dollar, New Orleans mintmark, to show the mine tourists what Tombstone silver looks like. I dropped my old Maglite down a real deep shaft a couple of weeks ago, while climbing up a rope, and had to replace it with a new one. Oh well, whenever I go back down that shaft, I'll probably find the old one and it will probably still work.

        • coupeZ600

          I cried a little when I heard it fell down that shaft, that was the Coolest Flashlight ever. Could you tie a magnet onto a really long String and maybe fish it out? Who knows what weird sh*t you'd pull out instead…..

          When I first started delivering Fuel, on my very first unescorted Drop I was moving the big 6 inch hose from the Unleaded to the Mid-Grade and dragged the lock for the Unleaded tank cap right into the basin, and of course it fell into the down-pipe all the way into the underground tank. All the locks are keyed alike, so I had to come clean with the Boss. He wasn't too mad and knew I lived right by that station so could put on another one on my way home, but when he reached in his desk
          he said, "Damn, this is the last one, we've got to get that one out!"

          They scheduled me for the next delivery to that Qwik-E-Mart, and I brought a huge magnet and baling wire and attached it to the long-ass stick that we use to measure how much fuel is in the underground tank before and after we Drop. I send it down the first time, and feel a solid clunk! through the Stick, and think, "Man that was easy!". As I pull it out, it becomes clear I just got the tank and what felt like the weight of the lock is just the drag of the magnet on the down-pipe. I f*ck with it for nearly an hour, and then call my Boss. He tells me to dump the rest of the fuel that goes in the other tanks and he'll be
          there in a minute.

          He shows up with his brother, and the two of them have this fishing contest. "I got it!" says one, and as one pulls the stick out the other brother looks down the hole and laughs and says, "Hah Hah! You just got the Tank, my turn!"

          This goes on for another hour until they both say, "F*ck It", and then they both look at me say, "Don't Ever Do That Again."

          Don't worry, now when I take a lock off I lock it to a belt loop until the Cap is back on.

  • chrystlubitshi

    also— to steal my favourite phrase from a co-worker. that lead pic is "SACRILICIOUS"!!

  • Alff

    My wife is sooo tired of hearing it but, for me, it's the humble putty knife. My favorite, out of the dozen or so I own, is a well worn 2 inch wide one with a very thin blade, sharpened to a razor's edge. Spreader, scraper, cutter, masking device and erstwhile screwdriver (standard AND phillips), it is a lifesaver.

  • dmilligan
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