Apollo 11 Launch


Last night my phone buzzed. It was a bat signal from reader Jo Schmo with the above video. Watching this video, the raw feed from camera E-8 on the mobile launch platform, you can’t help but be in awe at the power of human ingenuity. At 500 fps, this 8 minute video represents just 30 seconds of “real time”. It’s 30 seconds of Saturn V awesome, on a mission that would put humankind on the surface of the moon. No longer are we confined to this planet. Nor should we be. The innate desire to explore — demonstrated by small children and adults alike — is a human trait that cannot be ignored or programmed out. It is through exploration that we learn more about ourselves, our planet, our solar system and how to use the resources we have to improve life for all humankind.

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[Video Credit: NASA]

  • dmilligan

    Wow! That is just so cool to watch. When you watch a launch you're always focusing on the vehicle, not the pad and it's fixtures (as if you could see them anyway), so being able to see the incredible violence and power of the engines at takeoff is really a treat.
    Great find enerd!

  • It's a little known fact that the Nazis actually went to the moon at the end of WWII. They have been biding their time. Waiting. For an opportunity to attack. THAT TIME IS NOW!

  • Truly a remarkable achievement. Whatever the initial motives for doing it, the exploration of the moon (and space in general) is a noble endeavor, and the men and women who made such journeys possible are heroes, each and every one.

  • aastrovan

    Great video-What a blast!