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User Input: On Rabbit Leavings

Candy seems to have earned a revered place in geek culture. Candy and geeks go together like politicians and bird shot. And with the second biggest Jewish carpenter on a stick related festival this weekend, it seemed appropriate to talk about it again. (This is not to be confused with Easter, which is observed by most Christians, I am referring to pseudo-religious excuses for candy.) I recall as a wee lad getting up on Sunday morning, all excited to see what the bunny left for me this year. Looking back, I realize that what I thought of substandard candy (who wants malt balls when there cream eggs?) were in fact self administered rewards for the bunny’s proxy. Maybe what I thought of as inferior (though the simple logical formula: { !chocolate < cholcolate } could be open to interpretation. Enlighten me:

Solid chocolate crunchy bunny, marshmallow peeps, or Cadbury’s cream eggs?

  • SSurfer321

    Cadbury cream egg. /thread

    I've been picking up at least one a week for the last four weeks while at the grocery store. Damn them for putting the display right next to the cash register.

    • Deartháir

      Do. Not. Want.

      I don't dislike them, but I've never understood why people adore them so much. I'd rather just have a crunchy bunny. Actually, make that 30 crunchy bunnies and a good TV show to marathon.

  • skitter
  • tonyola

    My favorite Easter candy is malted milk robin's eggs.
    <img src="; width=400>

  • P161911

    Reese's Egg.
    <img src=""width=500&gt;
    Chocolate bunnies are hit and miss, white chocolate are the best.
    I'm pretty sure all the Peeps were made in one giant batch in the 1960s and we are still getting the left overs.
    The concept of the Cadbury egg just seems gross, although they don't taste that bad.

    • Deartháir

      I do love those. Especially since there's no peanut butter to be found in them anywhere.

    • ^^The holy grail of easter candy^^

  • My favorite Easter candy is whatever is in my mouth at that particular moment. Except Peeps. I'd rather suck on packing peanuts.

    • Alff

      You can send your leftover Peeps to me.

  • highmileage_v1

    Bacon and peanut butter chocolate eggs. Mmmm!

  • Peeps are also useful in recreating historic or fictional events…