Yeah, the Borg were pretty tough customers … but they merely traveled around in a simple geometric cube. The Sporg travel around in a freakin’ Menger-Sierpinski sponge, with infinite surface area and enclosing zero volume! In case you can’t comprehend that, human, here is the mathematical representation:

So clearly, resistance is futile despite the relative simplicity of the Sporg Sponge. I mean, after all, it’s quite simple: “the Menger sponge simultaneously exhibits an infinite surface area and encloses zero volume. In spite of this, there exists a homeomorphism of the cube having finite distortion that “squeezes the sponge” in the sense that the holes in the sponge go to a Cantor set of zero measure … The sponge has a Hausdorff dimension of (log 20) / (log 3) (approximately 2.726833).”

Just pray to your puny gods that the Spongoronites don’t show up on your doorstep … they travel in a Sierpinski tetrahedron.


  • SSurfer321

    I'm thoroughly confused by the big words and math, this late on a Friday.

  • Number_Six

    That just pushed me right into cocktail hour. Stupido ergo bibo.

  • BlackIce_GTS

    I think I just found something to do with some of my spare several cubic kilometres of rock in Minecraft.

    …shit, it's taller then 64 minecraft standard brick cube size units (MSBCSUs), I'll have to dig a pit to put it in.

  • texlenin

    think of the fuel filter that thing would make….