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Homemade Robo-Mower is Geektastic

A couple of summers ago, I sighted this wonderful example of DIY innovation a few blocks from work on my evening commute. I stopped and snapped a couple of pics with my crappy cell-phone camera and briefly talked with the remote-wielding inventor.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen more like this. It’s really not technically challenging: couple of electric motors, a car battery, an old mower and some R/C equipment — and BAM!, a lazy man’s way of mowing the yard. Although I am not sure how lazy you can be and still have the initiative to whip this up; it’s more like the easily-bored man’s way of mowing.

The quality of the cut doesn’t look too great, but I would attribute that to the old mulching mower deck and the length of the grass. That really doesn’t have anything to do with the remote control conversion.