Shutdown: Levitate Me

OK, first, go here and click play. In the mood for love maglev now? You’re looking at NASA’s magnetic launch assist technology demonstrator, using the power of a maglev track to help accelerate this model airplane into flight. The real MLA system would help a hypersonic SSTO (single stage to orbit) spacecraft off the ground, but I’m thinking in scale form this would be a pretty sick way to destroy a radio-controlled plane. Maybe tack on some Estes rockets for RATO?


  • I love me some Maglev. This would make a fun roller coaster.

  • They already are. The newest aircraft carriers eliminate steam service other than propulsion and use EMALS (electro-magnetic launch system) for the catapult. It's very similar to the system used in many newer roller coasters.

    • But… Being on a carrier wouldn't be the same without trying to sleep through "Tunk-gaaawwrrooOOOUUSSHHH-BAAANG-thhsssssssss……"

      And the occasional "ThzziiIITT-KATCHANK!!… (siren) Man overboard!! Man overboard!!" Although the second scenario is WAY too much drama.

  • highmileage_v1

    Oh yeah. Strap me in and throw the switch! What? Wrong post?