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Startup: A Nuclear-Powered Floating City of Ass-Kicking

Not a sight you want to see in your rear-view mirror. Mostly because it would mean you were driving in the ocean.

If he were still alive, today would be Chester Nimitz’ 126th birthday. And he’d probably be very tired, but he’d still be in active duty. For those who are unaware, Nimitz was the last surviving five-star Fleet Admiral in the US Navy, and if we’re honest, he will probably be the last Fleet Admiral the Navy will ever see, although the rank is technically still active.

In Nimitz’ honour, the first of the US Navy’s astonishing supercarriers was named after him, and almost 40 years later, it remains not only in active duty, but one of the most impressive vessels in the world. Certainly a fitting tribute to a man who was instrumental in transforming the navy into the fighting force it became in the Second World War, and who largely led the war in the Pacific, as CinCPac (Commander In Chief, Pacific).

The Nimitz itself is a fortress that almost defies belief. It displaces around 100,000 long tons, uses two nuclear reactors and four steam turbines, generates somewhere in excess of 250,000 shaft-horsepower and has a population crew of over 3,000 people. This vehicle dates back to an era when seat belts were still being hotly debated regarding their effectiveness as a safety measure, and still remains one of the most advanced weapons on the planet.

If that’s not a testament to advanced engineering, I don’t know what is.

  • Deartháir

    My god, I had that too, and had totally forgotten about it.

    In fact, I'll bet money I still have it somewhere. I still have all the rest of my MicroMachines..

    • MicroMachines were awesome. I had a grip-load of them, but I am unsure what exactly happened to them. I gave my Lego's away to a friends little brother, but I am fairly sure that all my MicroMachines are in a large Tupperware bin down at my dad's shop.

  • Wow! 7 S-3 Vikings! I never saw more than 2 on a carrier at one time, and they were usually full of mail. Now they pull tanker duty.

    Out front is the "Alert" E-2C Hawkeye, Just visible in the rear is the bad-ass EA-6B Prowler, and of course right next to the corner of the angle-deck is our favorite machine-gun toting robot-with-a-hard-on, CIWS.

    No A-6 Intruders places this pic after 97, but the F-14 Tomcats place it sometime before 2006. Golden anchors places this probably… mid-2005?


    See those 3 holes in the front of the ship? Did you know on the older ships you could stick your head out of them while underway, and only get in a little bit of trouble? It's a bizarre experience.

    • Number_Six

      Sadly GW Bush ruined the S-3 for me forever when he jumped out of one to declare "mission accomplished".

      On another note: given that the Chinese are developing missiles specifically designed to knock out aircraft carriers, how much longer can they really be used to project power?

  • dwegmull

    If you see this in your rear view mirror, you not only driving on the sea, you are driving a very tall car…