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Sweden’s Hidden Naval Bunkers

Engineerd’s earlier Stealth Week post on Hidden Swiss Defenses reminded me of a couple of pictures I’d seen several years ago of hidden naval tunnels in Sweden. I finally got the chance this morning to track them down on, a personal watercraft forum I’ve been known to frequent. The pics are as cool as I remembered them.

Back in June of 2008, a forum member with the handle “Losajt,” from Stockholm, Sweden, posted these two photos of a stealthy coastal hideout for Swedish naval equipment. Here are his comments:

Old military tunnel — Thought you might wanna see this old tunnel in the mountain me and my friends found last weekend, gonna go back there and take more pictures soon. Restricted area so dont wanna be there to[o] long.

It’s remains of the old defence built up by the swedish military, back in the 80s when the russians were a possible threat to invade us by sea. Tunnels like this exist throughout the swedish archipelago, even whole societys could live under ground.

The tunnel is about 300 meters long, and I didnt see anything that would prove its still manned when I was there. It was old junk like the things you saw on the picture.

I’ve retouched and cropped the photos above. The images in their original form are shown here. Click on each for the original high-res (3.1 megapixel) version.


  • Neat. Someone will probably discover these in like 100 years and think these tunnels were naturally occurring. Same with missile silos.

  • Very cool! It's amazing the lengths nations went to to build up their defenses, particularly during the Cold War. It was long enough that large scale projects like this could happen, and serious enough to ensure they would.

    Look at Cheyenne Mountain. No way that would happen now, even with 1.5 wars going on.