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Screw the Snow, Literally

Last winter, over on Hooniverse, Deartháir had an excellent post about a Ford snowmobile built by a farmer in his barn. However, as reader K5ING pointed out, there was a Ford-built snow machine that predates Bombardier’s snowmobile patent — the Fordson Snow Devil built by putting a Fordson tractor on an Armstead Snow Motor. Hit the jump for 10 minutes of 1920s snow screwing.


[Image Credit: Fool Injection on H.A.M.B.]

  • Charles_Barrett

    "…And it's ribbed for your pleasure…!"

  • tonyola

    There was one big problem with this type of drive – you could get great traction or great speed but not both at the same time. It all depends on the screw pitch. A low-angle pitch (nearer to perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder) provided great grip but with not much speed. A high-angle pitch gave plenty of velocity but not much grip.

  • I admit I missed the earlier mention of the Snow Motor on Hooniverse when I posted my own comment yesterday– I picked up on it because it's featured on p. 29 of the current Citroënvie!

  • Hawt. I do like to see some 1920's screwing, whether it be snow, or foolish stock investors.

  • damnelantra™[!]

    holy shit!

  • damnelantra™[!]

    also. man those 20's folk sure did like to hit there horses good!