Shutdown: Locutus of Borg

"When I grow up, I wanna be a cyborg!"

One really must give credit to gaming developers. They have managed to come up with some creative interfaces for the various gaming systems that have become popular over the years. Of all of them, however, I think this Konami Laserscope has to be the most unique. It worked with any Nintendo Zapper game… so… Duck Hunt… and fed all the sound through the headphones.

While this was probably a good idea in concept, the fact that you had to say “FIRE!” in order for it to work somewhat negated that benefit. Regardless of where the sound is being broadcast, having a kid yelling “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!” over and over was not going to bring peace and harmony to the household. I would guess that most of these headsets probably ended up being stepped on by an angry father’s slipper on an early Saturday morning.

  • skitter

    I count you among the people keeping me somewhat on base, but in most things, I naturally react completely differently from most people. This extends to game controllers. I'm only a social gamer, but nevertheless have wiring permanently committed to making me the one guy yelling "Wait, wait, how do I invert these controls?" A quick search reveals I may at least be part of a vast minority, but I'm curious as to whether university was an unusual pocket of "Normals" or I should expect be an outlier forever and ever, amen?

    • Mr_Biggles

      Interesting. I think I am the only person I know who inverts the Y axis, and the only multi or social gaming I really did was at university. No one else there did. In fact they all had a good laugh about it (jackasses). They were all at least 12-14 years younger than me, which was what I put it down to. I think it goes back to earlier years with flying games. You pull back on the stick to go up right? Works the same way in any other game for me.

      Do you invert both axes, or just the up-down?

      • Just the up and down. As you said, I imprinted on how to fly a plane with a joystick.

      • Either you're really normal, or everyone on here is in the fringe.

        Anyone who doesn't invert the controls needs to be sent to Afghanistan.

        • Mr_Biggles

          Granted it's a small sample size thus far, but it seems fairly conclusive that it's related to high level of intelligence.

    • MrHowser

      Pulling down on the stick should make you look up, and pushing up on the stick should make you look down. Left and right should be normal. There are really people who don't play like that?

    • Deartháir

      Sweet Jeebus, I hope that's a plural "you" there. Because if I'm one of the people keeping you on base, there has to be something wrong with your base.

      Also: Anyone who doesn't invert the Y-axis is a goddamned terrorist. Pull back on the yoke to go up, goddammit. Anything else is just wrong.

      • zaddikim

        Yup. When I played Halo on X-Box for the first time, it messed me up something fierce. When I got to Half:Life /CounterStrike, I immediately swapped Y-axis.

        My previous gaming favourites before FPS's were the NFS series, MechWarrior 2/3/4 and various flight sims like Comanche and Janes, so that shows my bias a wee bit.

  • dwegmull

    I've worked for many years for a 3rd party game controller manufacturer. One thing we discovered is that gamers are incredibly conservative when it comes to controllers. Every manufacturer tried at some point in time to replace the basic gamepad with something else. Regardless of how sophisticated or cool looking it was, it ended in abject failure. The only exceptions may be the steering wheels for car games, flight sticks and the Wiimote. The first two sold (and are still selling) in relatively small quantities. Some special purpose controllers are mostly a fad that follows the popularity rise and fall of a particular game, like the "guitar" controllers used by the "music" playing ganes.