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Omnibots are here!


Both fascinating and creepy.

When the Omnibot came out the “Sparky” family lived deep in the boonies without the convenience of modern electricity. Which is ironic…

Nonetheless, I wanted one of these badly, mostly so I could torment the family cat. It took another half decade and an enlistment before I was able to finally play with robots, although they weren’t exactly cute and friendly version on the TVs in town.

The Omnibots however WERE deceptively cute. They were also controlled by the whims of anyone in possession of the remote control (such as your evil younger brother or sister) and could be programed via commands stored on a magnetic tape. An old fashioned analog magnetic tape to be precise, and thus in theory one strong solar storm could turn sweet Robie Sr into either a mindless lump, or a murderous droid. Allegedly. Not that that’s ever been proven.

It’s been 25+ years and we have since settled into an uneasy co-existence with robots. They fly, they clean, they build cars. They even build more robots, which is probably no reason to be concerned.

But I STILL don’t fully trust the creepy things…

  • They also…. KILL!

  • CardboardTube

    I REALLY wanted one of these. I actually built a robot out of a skateboard, a cardboard box and some walkie-talkies when I was a kid. I shoved it into the kitchen to welcome people and the thing went right down the stairs. Robots that I make are stupid.

  • jjd241

    It did seem a little creepy the way he was stalking that vacuum cleaner!

  • chrystlubitshi

    when it comes to robotic toys… all i can ever think of is putting slayer and dimmu borgir (and many other black/heavy metal) tapes in teddy ruxpin.. (not mine… a friend's… i never had one… probably because i would do stuff like this)— nothing like seeing the little guy sing along… and also "danger will robinson, danger, danger"