I Can See for Miles and Miles and Miles

The ability to look out the window from my cubicle seems to pale in comparison to Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson’s view from the ISS Cupola.

[Image Credit: Astronaut Douglas H. Wheelock’s Twitpic (@astro_wheels on Twitter)]

  • Now that is a room with a view.

  • Something about that photo didn't look right, but then it occurred to me — Why would you rest your head in your hand…in zero gravity?

    • Clearly either (a) you've just uncovered NASA's latest "space" hoax and it's all being done on a sound stage, or (b) she's scratching her ear. I know which answer I will always believe despite any and all evidence to the contrary, just because I want it to be true. [Hint: ear.]

    • My third thought exactly (after "Ooooh look, earth" and "Ooooh look, Girl")

      Then it occurred to me that I had seen this pose before. Having grown up with several evil sisters I can attest that girls are prone to throwing down this pose even when it makes absolutely zero sense.

      I'm still not convinced the lighting is correct however…

      • She probably saw the camera and struck this pose.

  • Number_Six