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Stuff from my…. Classroom/Lab

No idea what this is.

Let’s get this weekly post started right. I am surrounded by weird technology. For my first Stuff, we have this… thing. I have no idea what it is. None.

Nope. Still no idea.

It, along with many other random pieces of technology that remain unidentified, was found as we were tearing down the old school lab to build our new one. I asked around and nobody know what it was for. We do know that it came from our local smelter when they were giving way a bunch of glassware to the local high school. It was an “all or nothing” gift. This was part of the “all”.

Over the last few years we have come up with many possible uses for it. It’s often been a piece of equipment that, when asked, I tell the students that they’ll find out eventually, then I laugh the Dr. Evil laugh, pet my cat and turn around slowly in my chair… of course, I then have to turn back around to teach the class again.

It’s been a device that is used to separate Midi-chlorian from the bloodstream of people so that I can steal it to become a Jedi (that one I want to be true, but I’m still mad a George for ruining my childhood). Finally, there is the obvious “glass-object-with-a-place-to-put-a-herb-and-a-place-to-light-stuff” section, but this is a classy website, so I won’t mention that use.

Any ideas of what it is?

  • tonyola

    Cool bong, man.

  • SirNotAppearing

    In high school there was a mummified human arm that hung from one of the science classroom ceilings, and none of the teachers knew where it came from. When they moved into a new building between my junior and senior year, the arm was placed in a cardboard box over the summer, and next August there was a grease spot in the bottom of the box.
    Oh, and this thing is clearly for cooking meth.

  • I'd say that's for distillation of something…

    or meth.

  • I have one of those in my bathtub.

  • P161911

    A still for making moonshine/your own brefass Scotch/Gin.

    • That's why I have one in my bathtub. Where else would you put it if you are making brefass scotch?

  • Baron Von Danger

    Looks like some type of extraction apparatus, maybe for something specific.

    like for meth

  • OA5599
  • P161911

    It is part of one of these contraptions:

    Why can't we post Youtube videos here like at Hooniverse?

    • Deartháir

      I hadn't noticed that. I'll see what the plug-in is that allows that. I'll work on it!

  • fisheater

    What you have there is a vintage glass modem. The internet really is just a series of tubes.

  • name_too_long

    It looks vaguely like a Soxhlet extractor.

  • It looks like the bottom flare is designed to capture heat from a small flame. Obvious, I know… but I'm wondering what kind of exo-endothermic reaction the heated liquid is supposed to impart to whatever was meant to be in the inner flask? You have a drip tube extending from below a vapor chamber, which feeds back into the outer flask. Very intriguing. Makes me wish I understood chemistry beyond the explody parts.

  • dwegmull

    I just showed the picture to my girlfriend who happens to be a chemical engineer. She thinks it is most likely an apparatus used for organic chemistry. The double wall construction is most likely to control the temperature by running water in the outer part while the reaction happens in the inner one. As I type this, the text book "Macroscale and microscale organic experiments" (second edition) has just appeared at the dinner table… We can't find this exact apparatus in the book though… She thinks there might be a missing component that would connect at the bottom. The funnels are most baffling.

  • CardboardTube

    dwegmull, that's awesome! I showed your comment to my co-workers and they're impressed with the knowledge out there. And if anybody can make scotch using this thing, I will personally bring it to your house and you can show me. It'd save me a ton on buying scotch. Stupid money.