Shutdown, Vintage Advertisements

Shutdown: I’ll Take One Of Each Edition

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From a site named Propnomicon comes a few scans of vintage telephone advertising equipment, and other miscellaneous “high-tech” gear from the early 20th Century.

I suspect most of these things are probably still in stock in the back-left corner of your local Radio Shack. Probably in huge quantities, marked up to five times the price, and then “on sale” for 25% off.

  • bzr

    Fhnarr! Now I'll be sure to take over the Frenchman's amazing flying machine in time for the Queen's Jubilee!

    <img src=""&gt;

  • I've always wanted my own telegraph.

  • Man, a fucking wooden push button! I need ALL this stuff. Especially the insulated staples. My staples get so cold.

  • Charles_Barrett

    Dad and I have been busy wiring the interior of The Addition here at the Barrett Compound… Those knife switches would've come in real handy for lights and ceiling fans…!

    • And when you crank on the fan, you could feel like Dr. Frankenstein. Laugh diabolically as you bring cool, cool air to the room.

  • dwegmull

    A friend of mine uses old vintage, hand crank telephones to communicate between the various stations of his sprawling backyard model railroad. Pure awesomeness! For complete historical correctness, all the trains are pulled by live steam locomotives…

  • jjd241

    Just need a wooden box to put it all in for a "mobile telephonic talking machine". No rubber bumper needed!